Our Story

cateringchampaignheadchefpeteOur Story is pretty simple.  A great chef once had a dream to serve great food to great people so we started serving New Years eve dinner to our friends as a five course dinner.  It only took a few of those dinners before everyone was begging us to open a restaurant to do this full time.  While we were super flattered, we decided that catering was a bit more our speed.  Catering allows us to take our love of food and share that in unique ways with each of our clients without all the fuss of running a regular restaurant.

But that’s not where the story ends.  We started catering and loved it, but very quickly the demand for our services grew so fast that we needed a physical location to grow our catering.  With that, Bergie’s in Monticello was born.  So now we have a physical location and have regular pop up restaurant events where we pick the theme and host our friends and even sell tickets.  We also use our physical location if  you and your guests don’t already have a location.  We can seat around 45 guests very comfortably.  And the best part is that the location is free as part of your catering service.  We don’t charge any additional fees for the room, setup, cleanup, or anything else.  You just pay for the food and we handle everything else.

We love creating special event food and themes that will rock your world and have your friends talking about “the best party and food ever” while giving YOU all the credit.  Special events catering is really what gets us excited.  So call us today and chat with us about making your next event the best it can be.