Bar Services


So you want to serve drinks at your event, but you aren’t sure what licenses you need or where to begin. Well, we have you covered. We can handle everything for you. We already have a liquor license and all of our bartenders have gone through the proper Basset training and certification program. We also keep up to date on the local laws in individual counties. So if additional permits are required, we will handle things.

There are two popular ways that our clients like to provide bar services.
1. The open bar – you purchase the alcohol
2. The cash bar – we purchase the alcohol

The most popular option is the open bar. Don’t know which one to choose? No problem. Just give us a call and we will work with you to figure out a plan for you. You may even decide on a hybrid approach of an open bar for certain items and a cash bar for others. Either way, we are flexible to help serve your guests.