About Us

Catering Champaign is here to solve all of your event food needs. From tiny romantic dinners for two all the way up to large wedding parties or even box lunches, box meals, or buffet style for corporate events with hundreds or even thousands of guests.  If you have never had the pleasure of a private chef treating you and your family to a five star meal in your home, we can make that happen.  And if you just want something simple like burgers and brats for your next tailgate or graduation party, we’ve got that covered too.

Not your typical catering company.
Feel it’s the simple things that make us stand out.  Like calling or emailing people back, responding in a timely manner and yes; following through on exactly what we say, without any surprises.  Our priority is delivering a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests that will have you raving about our food and staff for years to come.  At the heart of our exceptional service is a customer first mentality with a spoonful of love and understanding.  We know how stressful event planning can be and do our best to take as much of that pressure off you as possible by having a streamlined system that works!


Service areas.
Our gourmet kitchen is headquartered in Monticello, IL, but we primarily serve Champaign, Urbana, Monticello, Decatur, Mahomet, Gibson City, Farmer City, Clinton, Tuscola, and many more cities.  Basically a one hour radius from Monticello.  While these are our primary service cities, you can inquire about cities outside of this area.  For example, we could cater a wedding in Chicago.  You would just need to cover travel and expenses.


Affordable and delicious.
Most catering companies are either affordable, fast, or delicious.  While we feel we are “faster” than most, we do take our time to make sure you get your food on time and that it is cooked to perfection.  But where we really separate ourselves from the competition is that we not only get your food right, we make it out of this world delicious!  And guess what, it’s even affordable.  I didn’t say cheap.  I said affordable.  For what you get, you will be blown away.


Full Bar Service Options
Did you know that you need a liquor license to serve alcohol at an event such as a wedding or a party? In addition to a liquor license, some counties in Illinois require additional permits and fees. But don’t worry. We have you covered. We have a business liquor license and all of our bartenders are Basset certified. That means we can serve your guests. We also know the permit systems in each county. Check out our page on Bar Service to learn about the two most popular ways we can serve your guests.


Special events.
We love special events.  Some of our favorite types of events are weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, private events, Illini tailgate, super bowl, Christmas, christening, quinceanera, Thanksgiving, Halloween (yes spooky treat and parties are fun), picnics, Oktoberfest, funerals, sweet 16, graduations, retirement parties, themed parties (Need help with a theme?  Let us get creative with you), and just about any other kind of event you can think of.


Main menu.
And now, presenting our main menu items that we love to serve.  We are famous locally for the following dishes.
Prime rib
Korean tacos
Pulled pork
Fruit, meat, and veggie trays
Fresh farm chicken (baked, roasted, fried, you name it!)
Lobster rolls
One of a kind desserts like French toast bacon ice cream


Fresh ingredients.
Whenever possible, we source much of our ingredients from right here in central Illinois.  We have a farmer that supplies us with eggs, fresh chickens, pork, and much more.  We also source many veggies right here locally.  That not only helps to ensure the quality of your food, but it also helps us provide you with the most natural food experience possible and it keeps your money with local farmers.


Vegetarian, gluten free, and other special requests or needs.
If you have special needs for all of your guests or just one, please let us know and we will make sure and either cook the entire meal around those needs or create options for your special guest.  No one will ever be left out of the party when we do your catering.


Worldly expertise.
Our head chef has literally been traveling the globe for most of the last 30 years.  Through his travels, Pete has picked up interesting food combinations and ideas that you have probably never been exposed to unless you are also a world traveler.  This allows us to create unique food options that other caterers would never consider.  That doesn’t mean we are going to be using grasshoppers in your soup or anything wild like that (unless you like that sort of thing and in that case, let’s talk…).  What it means for you is diversity and creativity like you won’t get from your plain old bbq catering company.


We will respect you, your budget, and your guests.
One of the things our clients are always impressed by is how we treat them, their guests, and yes…their budget.  Apparently most catering companies don’t estimate their services very well and like to give you a ballpark estimate that is often 20 or even 30% lower than the actual bill.  That will NEVER happen with us.  Your quote is your quote and we will stand by the quote.  But money is just a part of respect.  Our chef and servers will treat your guests with the utmost respect and ensure that every need is met timely and appropriately and even come with a smile.


We take a consultative approach.
Another factor that makes us stand out from the catering competition is our consultative approach to your event.  We have a detailed checklist that we will run through with questions about things you may have never considered.  Simple things like, do you already have dishes or would you like us to provide them?  Would you like fine China or paper plates?  Questions like that allow us to build the correct budget for your quote, but also ensure that every little detail of the event is covered.  In the case that you have a vague idea and need help coming up with a party plan, we have backup questions to help drill down into your theme (or we help create that theme with/for you) and our vast experience in the food industry, allows us to make food recommendations and suggestions based on our previous events and customer reviews.


In short, we’ve got you covered.
If you can think it, we can cook it.  If you can’t think it, we can help with that too.

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